Sean's Hat

It's getting a little warmer out but not quite warm enough. Here's a hat that will keep your boy warm from winter into spring, and it's made from wool so it will keep the rain off, too!

Yarn: two balls of yarn, one main color and one in a contrasting color.

Needles: Size 6

Stitch Pattern:
row 1 (main color): K
row 2 (contrast color): *sl3, K1, repeat from * to end
row 3 (contrast color): slip 2, * K3, sl1, repeat from * to end
row 4 (main color): *K3, sl1, repeat from * to end
row 5 (main color): K
row 6 (contrast color): sl1, *k1, sl3, repeat from * to end
row 7 (contrast color): *k3, sl1, repeat from * to end
row 8 (main color): K1, *sl1, K3, repeat from * to end

CO 96 sts (for men's hat) or multiples of 4. Work 4 rows of K1, P1 rib in contrast color. Work pattern for about 20 cm (8 in), ending with row 8 of the pattern. Work following pattern twice (row 1 mc: *K3tog, K1, repeat from * to end; row 2-4 work as normal). Next row: K3tog, K1, repeat from * to end. Next row: *K3tog, repeat from * to end.
Cinch the top sts together, sew in all loose ends.

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