Luxe Textured Cowl

This piece was available for sale on Etsy :)

I found this delicious yarn while browsing my local knitting store and had to buy it. It is sinfully soft and I thought I might use it to give the cowl another go (I can really only afford one ball).

Yarn: Tahki's Maya Yarn in Wine

Needles: US size 11

Pattern: This pattern is knit in good ol' stockinette stitch. Cast on 20 sts with a provisional cast-on, and work until the skein runs out. To finish, twist twice and then connect into a loop by removing the provisional CO and grafting the two sets of of loose stitches together.

I've never worked with such a varied yarn like this one before, so I wanted to play around with it a little before knitting it up. At the top of the picture below is the drop stitch pattern that I first imagined doing when I bought the yarn, hoping that the loose stitches would showcase the skein's texture. Unfortunately, the pattern is lost in the yarn, and the thick pieces don't allow for the loops to really expand. Next I tried garter stitch, which really seemed to bring out all the bumps of the yarn. But my favorite by far is the classic stockinette stitch, which allows you to see the loops of both the thin parts of the yarn and the thick parts that I first loved when I started to examine my friends' scarves back in high school. This stitch is truly what the yarn was made for. It is also one of the easiest patterns to knit with for this yarn, as its crazy thick and thin pieces make it hard to try any fancy tricks.There is also no need to do a border, as the varied thickness of the yarn makes it so the ends don't curl too much.

Check it out on BurdaStyle!


  1. Great stuff and a beautiful model!

  2. Your cowl is beautiful. I have knit some, a bunch of scarves and two baby blankets. I am going to save this to try. Thanks for sharing.


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