Fabric Store Dress

Fabric: Cotton "dress fabric," with elastic already in place; cotton lace at hem

One of the best things about downtown Mexico City is the fabric district. Entire streets are lined with store after glorious fabric store, selling everything from prints to lycra and miles and miles of ribbons, buttons and lace. This dress was made from a "dress fabric," created specifically with the elastic already sewn in for the bodice. You can find it in the states at Jo-Anne Fabrics. Or, you can make your own shirring like I did for my Spring Dress.

While all you need to do is sew the seam down the back, being the obsessive crafter that I am I couldn't just leave it at that, and so I also picked up some lace to attach to the bottom, which helped make the dress the desired length. Despite this extra measure, I realized that a dress of any length will get a white girl noticed in Mexico City...


  1. Super cute Meghan! PS. If you want to make that elastic stuff (smocking) on any fabric I'd be glad to tell you how... It's so easy once you learn and is perfect for making a simple summery dress. - Kaitlin

  2. Hello!! I am spending the summer in Mexico City and have been looking for this "fabric district" you speak of. Is it in el centro historico?

  3. How exciting! As I recall, there were a lot of fabric shops in the centro historico in the neighborhood behind the palacio nacional. Good luck!

  4. Could you be more specific about address ?

    1. Haha unfortunately that was about 7 years ago so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but may stores in Mecico City sold fabric like that at that time. Have fun exploring!


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