Granite Hat

Yarn: Di.Ve's Autunno in Slate ($6.60 per ball)
Pattern: David's Hat from The Boy Who Knits
Needles: Size 10, round

This is a variation of the Kicking Cancer Cap that I knit up and ended up keeping for myself because it was a little too somber for a hospital building. On myself, though, I like the subtle colors and the variegated color yarn used with intarsia.

To make the hat above:
I followed the pattern for David's Hat, except I knit the intarsia in reverse, switching the main color and contrast color in the directions, and did not use a contrast color on the inside. To accommodate the yarn I had chosen, I cast on 70 sts instead of the recommended 110, and did not change my needle size. For this pattern you can cast on any number of stitches, so long as it is a multiple of ten. I also used this handy video to do the provisional cast-on.

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