Bathing Suit

Pattern: McCall's Misses Two-Piece Bathing Suits M5861
Fabric: Spandex World's bathing suit printed spandex and liner
Cost: $15

No doubt about it, sewing can be expensive. Sure, it's cheaper than having a garment custom-made or tailored, but hop on over to your local chain store and suddenly making a garment that you may or may not like doesn't sound too appealing. Of course, I do it for the creativity aspect, and it feels better knowing that the final production on your garment came from the sweatshop in your own home rather than halfway around the world.

But bathing suits may be the exception. Often selling at $60 for the top and another $60 for the bottoms, you end up with not much fabric and a hefty credit card bill. And this is exactly why making your own is especially economical.

I made my first bathing suit with McCall's DIY Style 
pattern, which was easy to use and had lots of helpful tips for fitting, sewing and modifying. Although I bought it because I was specifically looking for the bandeau-style bathing suit and a modern cut on the bottoms (read: no Baywatch hips), it is very customizable with pieces to make a variety of suits.

Above are the two fabrics I picked out, one yard each for $10/yd. The purple one on the left I used for my first bathing suit, pictured at top. SpandexWorld makes you buy a whole yard of each (even though the pattern only calls for 3/4s), and so that gave me the opportunity to pick what part of the pattern I wanted for each piece of my bathing suit. I loved the results! And $10 a bathing suit? Oh yeah!

(The green polka dot bikini is coming soon! And maybe one in this striped fabric, too!)

Check out my review of this pattern at

Check it out at BurdaStyle!


  1. Ha! Your comment about sewing is a timely one for me. Ever since returning to sewing, I have yet to make something I REALLY love. Many times I think, "Why don't you just give it up!?!," but it's that old "urge to create" something that keeps me trying. Your bikinis are great.

  2. Love the bikini! Looks like you did such a great job.

  3. Hi Meg, I have just come across your blog thanks to the Burdastyle website! I love love love your blog and am so inspired to branch out of my comfort zone and make some more interesting patterns! Can I ask a question? Where do you find your fabric for your swim wear? I live in Sydney, Australia and I can't find nice spandax anywhere! Sam xoxox

  4. Hi Sam! I had the same problem! You'd think places like California and Sydney would carry more bathing suit material, right?? I got mine at They have a lot of selection and ship around the world :)

  5. Wow this is mega cute. That fabric is to die for. Nice job!


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