Tank Top Modification

Materials: store-bought t-shirt, scrap fabric, embroidery machine, fusible interfacing
Cost: cheap t-shirt + scraps

And now for something a little different... Every year it has been a tradition of my friends and mine to make race-day t-shirts for our local 10k. We've all been running together since high school, so showing up in matching gear is the icing on the cake. This year, I got ahold of my mom's new Bernina sewing machine that does embroidery. So instead of puff paint, bleach and sharpies, we got to do a little professional-looking embroidery (well, I got stuck doing it, but that's beside the point).

The point is, I LOVE the way these shirts came out. We embroidered a little quote on the back, and kept the embroidery steady with a strip of fusible interfacing on the back.

For the front, I actually embroidered onto some white scrap fabric and sewed it on to the front for a different type of look. Fusible tape could be helpful here to keep the stiff fabric in place on a stretchy shirt. I really like the frayed edge look and the color combination. Check it out:

We will be running in style tomorrow!

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