Polka Dot Bikini Undies

Pattern: my own
Material: Rayon/Lycra blend + decorative elastic + Wash-Away Wonder Tape
Cost: $3 for 1/3 yd + $4 for 4 yds of elastic = two pair

Here are the latest confections in my undie-making craze. After playing around with various elastics, my friend and I decided it would be fun to get some colorful fabrics, too. Unfortunately, fun knits are notoriously hard to find. But lucky for me, my fabric-buying safari led me back to Santa Cruz, where Hart's Fabric is currently hosting an amazing array of knit fabrics. Needless to say I spent far too much money. Luckily, at 1/3 of a yard for two pairs of undies (if you play with the grain), these were among my cheaper purchases. That and the strip of lacy elastic that I added to the top. Check it out below.

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