Jewel Skirt

Pattern: BurdaStyle's Marie Skirt (with some inspiration from Simplicity and the Obi apron)
Fabric: silk
Cost: $15

I wanted a new skirt in a bright color and trendy shape for work. I made it just in time for the office holiday party. It fits above the hips and is hemmed to just above the knee. Not particularly creative on my part (see the picture for the Marie skirt and you'll see that mine is almost an exact replica), but this may be one of the first times in my life I've actually followed pattern instructions, so I should get points for that.

That said, the pattern instructions are unintelligible, so I believe I was following the intended instructions but can't be sure. I've also noticed that the folks over at BurdaStyle often put belts around problematic waist lines (for the Maire they used some kind of rope), and from the pictures of finished projects I didn't like the flat part of the dress where the pleats meet the waistline. Soooo, I borrowed from Simplicity's new skirt pattern and added a little tie at the front. I'm quite pleased with the results. I also pulled off my first ever lapped zipper using my technique (yes, I created my own instructions from sewing class just so that I could follow them later).

What I really liked about this pattern, unlike other printable patterns, is that it took only 8 pages to print, as the front and back are cut in the same shape. This is how ALL printable patterns should work. Otherwise, they should just come from the store.

Finally, because I am cheap and don't buy notions, I dug in to my supply of sewing odds and ends that I inherited from a deceased neighbor and found the perfect yellow thread, a hook and eye (although it may have been I who bought this) and a zipper. Made in 1970, the zipper claimed the yellow "maize" color would never fade. Forty years later, it is still in good shape, although the style is a bit dated (although how a zipper style could be dated I don't know but even the zipper teach are dyed yellow). Let's hope it holds up on my skirt!

Check it out at BurdaStyle!

Read the review of this pattern at


  1. Hi , I love your skirt. I am planning to make this soon so your post is extremely helpful. As I said on PR I love the colour.

  2. Thanks Lisa! Let me know when you post it to PR!


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