I want a coat. Not a plain one, but a pretty one. Feminine. Embelleshed. But I want a good piece of inspiration for it, and so far I'm still searching. Here's what I have so far, but I haven't found what I want just yet.

OK I think I'm narrowing down my options a bit. I really do need to visualize something for this project. I think I'm going to make a coat like this:

Using this pattern with the ruffle detail at the neck, back and pockets:
So where the piping is on the pictured jacket will be ruffle. I also want to replace the pattern's collar with more of a traditional step collar, like the picture jacket. This may hide some of the ruffle, but I think it will work out. Will probably do black on black. I will have to find some good buttons and something exciting to line it with to make it not so boring. I do like the shiny buttons in the picture. Gotta hurry because there is some great wool on sale for $14/yd at my fabric store! 


  1. How do you alter a pattern like that? I have all of these ideas that I would like to make happen but I can't seem to fit myself. What am I doing wrong? I just love your ideas!

  2. Hi Whitney! I can't speak to the jacket because I haven't yet attempted it (though I'll let you know how it goes!), but the easiest way I like to alter designs is by combining patterns. A good example is my casual striped dress (, where I blogged about using different patterns for the sleeves, neckline and dress. This way you get all the elements you want without having to figure it out yourself!

    The more traditional way, of course, is through draping. And though I own a dress form, I don't know how to drape! But I'm sure that's how people are able to fashion such great ruffles, gathers and the like.

    What projects have you been working on?


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