The Umpa Jacket

Pattern: New Look's Separates #6035
Fabric: 2yds Fleece
Cost: $8

My grandfather, Umpa, was infamous in our family for his plaid blazers. It was only after he passed that I discovered that this was an actual fashion trend of the 1950s and not another manifestation of his light-hearted and goofy demeaner. His love for all things plaid, however, extended far beyond the red checked sportscoats: at Easter he could also be seen in a pastel blazer with matching bright yellow pants. He was a trendsetter, and there was nothing our teasing could do to dissuade him from one of his biggest fashion statements.

I, on the other hand, had been wanting to make a bird-print blazer, and I had just found the perfect fabric after being obsessed with the Topshop version for months. I had the lining and everything, and so when I saw the NewLook pattern for less than $5 I knew it would be perfect. 
But then, for no reason, this plaid flannel jumped out at me at the discount fabric store on my way home. It has nothing to do with the careful, tailored blazers I've been trying to cultivate. And yet there I was, at the check-out counter, buying 2 yards of cast-off plaid flannel. So this is a nod to my Umpa, whose spirit guided me towards this gaudy design. And in the end, I love it! It's warm and cozy and yet still a little bit put together. Best of all, it let me try out my new pattern before cutting into my birdy print (or at least that's my excuse).

Read my review of this pattern on and check it out on BurdaStyle!

Update: As further proof of what I called my grandfather's lighthearted and goofy demeaner, I would like to say that he had invented his own language. It's similar to piglatin, and my father has translated some of the above into Alfalfa Language for your reading pleasure:

Myfal grandfelfalfather, Umelpalfa, was infelmelfamous in ourfal filfamililfy for his plafalalfad blailfazers. It was only afaltalfaster he palfalassmelfed that I discalmolfovered that this was an alfalfactualfal famfalmalfashion trelfend of the 1950s and nolfolfatt anomfelalfother malfanifalfestalfation of his lifalight-hearfarlarfarted and gofalaloofy delmeanalfeather...

Uh-oh: looks like the Alfafa Language is up for some family debate! My aunt chimes in with her version of the family tradition:

Malfi gralfandfalfather, Ulfumpalfa, wulfuz infelmelfamous infil alfar falamily folfor hilfiz plalfad blelfazers.  Ilfit wulfuz olfonly alfafter hilfiz palfassing thalfat Ifi dilfilsculfuvered thalfat thilfiz wulfuz alfan alfalfactualful falashion trelfend ulfuv thulful filifties alfand nolfot ulfanulfuther malfanilfestelfation ulfuz hilfiz lalfight-halfarted alfand gulfoofy dilfilmilfeanor.


  1. Hey I have passed on an award! Have a look at
    I love your sewing!

  2. Umpa would be proud! Great jacket-
    Love, Catherine


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