Rorschach Shirt

Pattern: self-drafted with help from the the Sencha top pattern
Fabric: cotton voile
Cost: $13

This is one of those fabrics that stood out to me, and on my second trip back to the store I decided to pick it up. I made it up for a casual going out shirt, and I think the fabric really stands out.

Following my resolution to slow down my sewing and not rush through my pieces, while I'm working on my big projects I often take a break and do a fast project to satisfy my need for some quick easy pieces. This is one of those quick easy pieces. I used the Sencha top pattern without the pleats to create a big flowy top, and added arms and armholes from another pattern. With some tweaking, I got it to all fit right, although I still may add some sort of cuff to the sleeves. I finished the hem, collar and sleeves with my narrow rolled hem foot--a godsend and the best way to finish off light fabrics without having to measure, press, and sew. In all, it sewed up in about two hours.


1 comment:

  1. Very cute top! A pattern like that wouldn't catch my eye but it's great.

    Funny mentioning the narrow rolled hem foot. I was making lingerie this weekend and had a bit of a conundrum on how to hem this filmy, easily fraying sheer fabric on a curve. My googling for a solution turned up a narrow rolled hem foot and I dug out all my feet but I don't seem to have that one. I think it will be on my Christmas wish list if I don't get to the sewing machine store first.


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