Circle Skirt Dress

Pattern: McCall's Misses' Tops M6164 + Mahaila's circle skirt formula
Fabric: jersey knit
Cost: $10

After several struggles with how to make the prefect, drapey skirt for a dress, I decided to try the circle skirt. Because of the name, I always imaged circle skirts in the exclusive realm of sock hops and poodle skirts. But after seeing the silhouette again and again, I decided to give it a try. Using Mahaila's circle skirt formula (which took a little deciphering for someone who does understand math), I made a full circle skirt with a t-shirt style top out of a striped black jersey knit. I also got to try out my new serger techniques. The whole thing took only one evening and I am over the moon with the results! I just had to make sure I didn't hem it too short, because circle skirts are so drapey I'm afraid they'll blow up in the wind!

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  1. I love your dress and now I want to make my own. I've never made a circle skirt before because it seems like a lot of fabric to buy. Not to mention how long it must take to hem! But maybe I'll give it a go.


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