Finally! A coat!

Pattern: New Look's Misses' Coats 6006
Fabric: 2 1/2 yds stretch wool, 2 yds quilting cotton, 1 yd stretch satin
Cost: $90

I've been wanting to make a coat forever. Not only will it keep me warmer than my favorite dresses, but  you can line it with fun fabrics and pick decadent wools. My mom called me up a few weeks ago to say she had found a stretch wool at one of our favorite stores, and so the journey began.

One of the reasons I had not made a coat up until now was not only that I had a hard time finding wool fabric I could afford, but that I couldn't settle on the right pattern. I love sewing the little details in outfits--pleats, ruffles, unusual fabrics. But a coat is a wardrobe staple--made right and you could wear it every day. Make it bright yellow with a full skirt and a bow, and you'll only get occasional wear. And so began my search for the perfect coat pattern. Rather than forge ahead with a self-drafted franken-pattern (and risk messing up on that beautiful wool), I finally landed on a New Look pattern, chosen partially because it is a simple, sleek design, and partially because they are only $4. It was a breeze to follow.

Once settled on a simple design in a neutral color, I had to figure out the lining. There were two dilemmas here: coat lining should be somewhat slippery so that it easily slips on over your clothes, and mine should stretch, like the coat shell. I also wanted it to be in a fun print because, well, that's half the fun. After a lot of agonizing over awful 90s prints and things that were just not quite my style, I finally decided on a quilting cotton lining for the body, cut on the bias to give it some stretch, and a stretch satin for the arms. Overall, it worked out pretty well. 

The whole thing came together in about three days. I finished it off using some stretch interfacing, but I didn't need my new walking foot for the seams. I did use a small lightning bolt zig-zag stitch to give the garment a bit of stretch. As the temperatures finally drop, I'm eager to make my next jacket.

You can read my review of this pattern at


  1. Your coat looks awesome! Great job. I was talking with one of the teachers at Stonemountain &Daughter and she recommended using rayon because it's a natural fiber, a good lining weight, and it comes in fun prints. And those are all characteristics for my lining choices.

  2. You did a wonderful job on this very cool looking coat! I also like to have some basics in my closet-the better to highlight some quirky clothes worn with them.

  3. Beautiful coat! It is the perfect wardrobe staple! Unfortunately the weather wasn't thinking in your favor this weekend as I heard it was as freakishly warm in the city as it was in the South Bay.

  4. Beautiful! A question for you-how did you pre-shrink your wool? I'd like to give it a try, but not sure how to pre-shrink wool? Thanks.

  5. Love the style, love the fabric - great job!

  6. What a great coat! It looks very professional. You will definitely be able to wear this for years to come!


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