I want to wear a pair of pants. Not skinnies, or trousers, or jeggings, but PANTS. I want a pair that doesn't tapper, doesn't flare, doesn't hug or drag.I don't want high-waisted or low-rise. I want a pair you can wear to work without looking too dressed down or too dressy. You can move in them, and sit in them. No holes, no fading. You know, the straight up and down, not too fitted, regular old pants that I can't seem to find anywhere (edit: apparently you can get some at Levi's and Zara, as evidenced by the inspiration photos below).

Made by Gigette

Levi's Made and Crafted

As soon as I get settled in at my new place, I plan to start on the Clovers, which are a skinny but of the cigarette variety. Once I get my feet wet, I can hopefully get started on some real pants.

And then maybe I'll make myself some sweatpant dress pants ;)



  1. a great fitting pair of basic pants can go a long way, especially if their made in black. And I believe a great fitting pair of pants can make a person look skinnier than in a dress. Good luck!

  2. I want a pair of simple pants too!!! This semester at my evening sewing classes we are working on the trousers pattern. Now I am in the process of sewing it all together. Fingers crossed it looks OK.

  3. Hi Meg! I've nominated you to the versatile blogger award. Feel free to go over my blog and read what is all about. Congratulations!

  4. OMG Knipmode has heaps of these sorts of trouser patterns throughout last year (pretty sure there's a couple this year as well) and their ease is great for accommodating bottoms (not large bottoms just-bottoms). Burda Nov 2009 has a pattern or two in that style as well.

  5. Those Zara trousers are even more gorgeous in person, albeit with a strange, subtle gradient overdye on one of the available colours.


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