New Patterns!

I try my hardest not to buy new patterns because a) I prefer to just work with a core group as my "pattern blocks," b) I can usually get away with making a frankenpattern for whatever I want, and c) a lot of the things out there are usually just variations on the same thing anyway.

But I'd had my eye on this bathing suit for a while and, after numerous attempts at a bustier pattern, I jumped when I saw McCall's #M6569, a pattern that required no real alterations to get the look I wanted.

the pattern
McCall's #M6569
the inspiration
via Pinterest
Of course, by "jumped" I mean that I saw the pattern, exercised an uncharacteristic amount of self-control, and promised myself I wouldn't buy it until that bathing suit was next in my sewing cue. Well, it's not quite time yet, but there's a sale going on over at McCall's now, so I figured the time is right. And if you're going to pay shipping anyway, you might as well throw in a few more patterns to make it worth your while.

So I give new patterns for Summer 2012!

If you've already got the pattern basics, why not throw in something trendy? So I'm trying out the batwing button-up with gathering known as McCall's #M6605.

I've also had my eye on this top for a while, so I decided to go with the McCall's version: #M6604.

Could be ugly, could be cute. We'll see!

Anyone else get any new patterns lately?


  1. I love that bikini. Swimwear terrifies me. How do you sew with all that stretchy, slippery fabric? I really should learn because I find it impossible to get swimwear that fits. Any chance of a tutorial or some tips and tricks?

  2. Thanks Roxy! I'm no expert either, but I'll try to document some of my learnings when I make up this new one.

  3. I lived a normal life.. But then I saw this swimming suit on your blog and everything has changed! Same as you, I feel I don't need more patterns (I feel especially strong about the "c") but this cute swimsuit has to be mine.
    By the way, Dixie is currently running a swimsuits sew-along;

  4. I like all the patterns! I think the first one will be a great sewing project and I think the last two have great silhouettes!

  5. Dixie you crack me up! New skirt just made up last night, too. gotta post!


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