Arm Party

Pattern: Honestly...WTF's DIY Beaded Bracelet
Materials: embroidery thread, crimp beads, magnetic clasp
Cost: $3

On my recent river rafting trip with family friends, the teenage girl contingency retaught me how to make friendship bracelets. I finished only one during the whole trip, but ended up tying it on my wrist and leaving it there through an entire work week and a blog photoshoot until it fell off, which is apparently the way you are supposed to do it (don't judge me for not knowing how to wear a friendship bracelet!). You can even see it peeking out in this blog post here. It has recently been a small goal of mine to try to actually put on jewelry, and I realized I really liked having a thin bracelet on in the day, which I usually paired with another thin leather bracelet. And so it was decided that I need more of these bracelets. An arm party if you will.

I found instructions online for some truly cool adult versions that I really love.  Check out the full menu on Honestly... WTF. So the other night after a trip to Joann's, I sat down and tried my hand at it. And I really like the results.

The whole bracelet took me about an hour and a half to make (including the part where I spilled all the beads), and it takes some dexterity, but the process is not nearly as time consuming as the bracelets that are knotted all together. Because I didn't read the instructions before I bought the supplies, I bought embroidery thread instead of the waxed thread, which means getting the beads on was a hell of a lot more difficult. Luckily I've worked with big yarn before, and here's my little trick (there are actually store-bought instruments for this, but I wanted it done now!).
I have supplies for a few more, and I'm really looking forward to my new arm party!


  1. That's so cool! And nice trick! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Rita

  2. woo! i love this! I maybe just ordered 10 different colours of waxed linen from etsy. funsies ^__^


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