John Paul Gaultier: Breathtaking Inspiration

This Friday I had the pleasure of seeing the John Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young in San Francisco. It runs through August 19th, so if you're in the area and haven't gone yet, you must! It's crazy, it's different, and it's couture up close.

I took some crappy cell phone photos because I was inspired so much, so here's what caught my eye.

The first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the exhibit isn't the dresses but the manequins, which are animated through projections. They talk, they sing, they look around and blink, and best of all is the the one of Gaultier himself, who talks on and on in a French accent.

This next one is the pic that inspired me to take out my camera. It's the back of a knit dress, with just the most amazing work. The top of the dress is mostly ribbed cables, and as it flows down the dress it slowly loosens up into a beautiful design.

Once I had my camera out I just couldn't stop. I ran around taking pictures of all the looks that I loved. This one was a great use of patterns into some sort of sherpa-chic look. 

These pants were another beautiful piece of art, with the side panels done in embroidery and beading.

 Of his more conceptual looks, I loved this piece, which represents human veins. It is part of a three-part collection including a look with muscles and one with bones. Definitely a lot of Halloween inspiration!

And this headdress! It is a galleon ship done entirely of beads.

As we left, this knit dress from the '80s caught my eye. Fun and still totally wearable!

My pictures suck, my memory sucks. Go see it for yourself!

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