Lightening Bolt Shirt

Pattern:  Simplicity's Misses' Shirts #3684
Fabric: Betsy Johnson silk blend
Cost: $9

I found this amazing silk-blend, lighting bolt print Betsy Johnson fabric on sale at my local fabric store, and immediately I knew I had to have it. After testing out another button-up shirt pattern, I went with an old standby, Simplicity #3684, making a few modifications. It's a little tight and the fabric was a little slippery, but overall it's a fun print shirt. The shirt's stormy theme seems to have coincided with that awful Frankenstorm back east--stay safe everyone, especially my California friends who seem to have all decided to vacation back there this week!

Isn't this print great?! I think it must be out in circulation with the whole Betsy-Johnson-bankruptcy thing. Big pink dresses have never really been my thing, but if there's anything more like this out there, keep it coming!

Here's the shirt up close:

You can read my review of this pattern at


  1. I agree with you, the print is awesome! And the shirt looks so good on you!

  2. Such a cute shirt! Love the print.

  3. Love this print! You're one lucky seamstress to have scored it!

  4. man, I wish I lived in your town so i could go and buy up that fabric at that store! that stuff is the shiz! and i like that it's not a huge busy print so you can wear that shirt with lots of different bottoms.


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