Sewing Space: Sewing Samples

Earlier this week, I promised I'd show you some of the elements from my new sewing wall. First up are my framed sewing samples!

A couple of years ago, my mom and I took a class where we made up a bunch of great sewing samples to practice techniques. I photographed the process and now have those steps saved in my Tutorials section, which I refer back to all the time. The sewing samples themselves, however, just sat in a bag taking up space. Since my main philosophy for small space decorating has centered around the 'beautiful and useable' - keeping only those things which are most useful and displaying them in a beautiful way, I decided that I needed to get those sewing samples out where I could see them. Luckily for me, this was also a cheap way to fill some of the frames on my new sewing wall.

To make these framed sewing samples, I started by picking up a bunch of small antique frames at an estate sale. I then made up new sewing samples in my decorating color scheme and in the right size for the frames. Finally, I squeezed them into the frames with a bit (a lot!) of tugging and pulling. I also removed the glass to accommodate some of the 3D elements (like zipper pulls).

My wall has one row of frames with three different types of zippers (pictured above), and another group of four that showcase (pictured at top, clockwise from top left) a tiny patch pocket, seam finishes, decorative stitches, and button holes. While pretty to look at, they also remind me of what my machine's different stitches look like. 

I know a ton of you have sewing samples, too (House of Pinheiro was just talking about hers). Does anyone else refer back to their samples when sewing?


  1. I love it. Such a pretty and appropriate display.

  2. beautiful! the zipper frames are especially cute and practical. great idea.
    I'm taking a serging class and know I'll have samples after that... they may stay in a binder though...

  3. i took a serger class with my mom last year in Berkeley and it was great! totally boosted my confidence, especially for adjusting serger tension.

  4. so cool idea. i need somethig like that


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