Flower Pants

Pattern: Colette's Clover
Fabric: Stretch woven
Cost: $20

For my second pair of Clover pants, I had a long list of tweaks and changes: Adjust the front! Adjust the sides! Lengthen the back! But instead of going through all the alterations, I decided to trace the Colette pattern and then trace over that with some ready-to-wear pants that fit me pretty well. That, combined with some additional fitting, gave me a pretty good fit.

They are not perfect so far, but here are the changes I made:

I'm bow-legged! It turns out that the legs on my RTW are a lot more bow-legged than the pattern. Updated with those changes, a lot of the bag and sag was eliminated from the legs, and they look much better!

Fly front - I also combined the Clover pattern with the Juniper fly front and pockets. This caused some problems because I was also trying to modify the fit (see picture below), but I went back and changed them and they almost work now. I think with my next version it will be great. I also seem to have managed to sew the fly-front in reverse (twice!), but hopefully I'll get it right this time. 

Left side - baggy; Right side - fixed
Waist fit - As for those waist fit modifications, I took out some of the curve out of the hips, and pinched the waist in at the butt (small waist adjustment). Then I cut the waistband straight instead of tapered (which I figured out on the third try), and it all fit pretty well. Again, one more version and I think I'll get it! 

Waistline - Finally, I adjusted the back to sit higher up, and the front to sit a little lower. I must have a high ass crack!

Still to Fix for Next Time
Fit in the Knee There is still a little bit of bag here and there, and I hope to fix that by adding more curve to the knee area.

Making pants has definitely been a long process for me. I find that these wearable muslins keep me happy in the meantime. For now I have lots of stretchy fabric, and I'm realizing those are much better for fitted styles (even more fitted than above). After that, I think I'll be ready to transition to the not-so-forgiving non-stretch style. Wish me luck!


  1. Your clovers look awesome and I really like the flower print you used. If my second muslin turns out half as good as yours I will be a happy woman. Of I go to compare my own Clover muslin to a pair of RTW pants that fit.

  2. These are so cute!!! They look great on you, and you're doing awesome with the alterations. Clover is such a great pattern. I had to cut a bunch out of the hips on mine, but other than that, it was a surprisingly successful first attempt at pants. You'll do perfect with non-stretch fabric.

  3. Oh my! These are super cute. These are the time of pants I've seen all the ladies at fashion week wearing.

  4. I love these in floral! Too cute. I bought the Clover pattern but have been too chicken to try it...

  5. Wow. With all those alterations, you should just draft your own pants block (after you achieve the perfect fit, you'll probably have a pretty good idea how to do that!). Love the floral. They're super on-trend!

  6. Yes, I think having my own pants block will be the result of all these changes. Someone was commenting that, while everyone loves the Clover pattern, it seems that it takes a significant number of changes to get it to fit right...

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  7. How fun are these pants! I like that the colors are a bit muted. All this pants fitting must be tedious, but it will be so worth it when you have a great, simple pattern to make again and again!

  8. Clover Flower! It's so cute!

    Good luck on achieving that perfect fit. It seems like you are well on your way and getting very close!


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