Bra Quest 2013: The Ready to Wear Bra

Pattern: copy of a RTW bra
Fabric: interlock knit
Cost: $5

Last week I showed you my vintage bra, and today I'm back with my copy of a ready to wear bra. And let me tell you, it was a disaster!

Have you ever seen those tutorials online that make it seem so easy to copy RTW or just draft your own pattern (as Amy can tell you, it's not). Well, I decided to give one of those a go using this little snippet from Pinterest - you just shape pattern paper over your bra cup, and voila, bra pattern! Well, as I learned, RTW bras, with their foam cups and padding, are really quite different than my little bralettes, and I ended up with a cup that was way too short and shallow. Here's what I did, but don't copy it!

I'm sure I did a ton of things wrong drafting-wise, but the real lesson here is that sometimes it's best to use a pattern until you've got the hang of it. On to the next one - KwikSew 3300!


  1. Learn from your mistakes. That's what I've been doing the past year with my bras.

  2. oh god, a year! yes i'm beginning to think i will need to make 100 before i have what i want (i think i'm up to about 15 now... posts to come)

  3. Oh dear, well, now you know what not to do! Pinterest tutorials can be so simplistic and misleading, I never trust any of them to actually work.

  4. If you want to copy a ready-to-wear bra, see "Clone a Favorite Bra," in the February/March 2002 issue of Threads (#99). It works! I did not see the article free online but I am sure it can be purchased via Threads magazine.


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