Peplum Top Variations

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On Monday, I shared with you all my Fabric Mart tutorial for an easy peplum. Today, I'm back to show you some super simple variations for more peplums and dresses. I love this pattern because, using a simple t-shirt pattern and a circle, you can create so many easy-to-wear, elegant pieces.

Variation 1: Ruffle Peplum

Instead of a circle, attach a gathered rectangle to the base of your t-shirt for a ruffled look. Check out the full Ruffle Peplum Top post for more details!

Variation 2: Easy Circle Dress

I get so many compliments on this one! To make your peplum into a dress, just increase the length measurement of your circle. This is an easy trick that I know many people already know because I've seen a lot of people doing the the opposite - shortening their dresses into peplums! You can read the full Circle Skirt Dress post for more details and my thoughts on circle skirts.

Variation 3: Three-Quarter Peplum Top or Dress

For a less-full look, make your circle into a three-quarter circle by cutting out 1/4 of the circle and stitching up the seam. This can be used for both dresses and peplums. For more details and tips on how to cut the right size three-quarter skirt, read the Mustard Fall Dress post.

Variation 4: Longer Sleeves

I love me an elbow-length sleeve, and that is another easy alteration for this top. Read my post on the Colors of the Wind Dress for more details.

These are all super easy (and somewhat obvious) alterations, but hopefully it sparks your imagination to try out your own peplum top or circle dress! I'll be back Friday with some of my favorite peplum inspirations from around the web, and hopefully a chance for you to share your creations as well!


  1. Love these variations! I am definitely going to have to try the 3/4 dress with longer sleeves :)

  2. meg, apropos of these darling knit goodies, i have the saddest news- i have been driving through east oakland lately (??) and got interested in the magic knit store. turns out it's closed!! SAD TIMES. sooo. good timing for fabric mart! hope all is good. xo

  3. thanks for a link to the tute! all your variations are lovely! Something to do with some of my stretch fabric....

  4. I love the print on that last dress!

  5. So clever! Hadn't occurred to me to do this alterations.

  6. I am really behind in my blog reading so only just now catching up on your peplum posts. Fabulous and I really love your dresses. I am so inspired. Wow.


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