What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Made?

If you had asked me that question last week, I probably would have said a rock climbing chalk bag. But oh! How the times have changed!

As many of you sewing buddies know, when you sew you get weird requests. I have said it before. But this is beyond my imagination. The other day, my friend asked if I'd make him a high-fashion adult diaper. A HIGH FASHION DIAPER?!

I asked why. Apparently he was to take part in a very San Francisco fashion show wearing a sweater made out of baby socks. He was allowed to style it however he wanted, and wanted to style it with a high fashion diaper.

I asked to see examples of this designer's work. Here you go

I asked for some inspiration pics: 

What's a girl to do? Even though I was super busy that week, I had him deliver some fabric (stripes?!) and traced off an exaggerated bikini bottom.Adjusted. Cut. Sewed. He said he wanted the stripes to be vertical to elongate the legs...

And here it is! The weirdest thing I have ever made:

front view

runway view
On the plus side, as my new sewing buddy put it, I can now say I've shown my work in a fashion show!

Does this happen to anybody else, or is this just a San Francisco sewist's dilemma??

In other news, if you're looking to make something a bit more normal for your man, make sure to check out my GIVEAWAY!


  1. That is simply amazing.

    I think the weirdest thing I've ever sewn was a swan dress like the one Bjork once wore, for a New Year's party. I only have one (unflattering) picture of it: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y81/Ploesj/Bjrk-12.jpg

  2. oh that is so great! glad you shared :D

  3. Hihi! How cool is that! Wished I lived in San Francisco. Greetings to the new designer in Runway-Heaven!

  4. Ha, I don't think anyone will be able to beat you. I'm new to SF, but I don't know if I'll rub shoulders with people cool enough to ask me to do something like this!

  5. Welcome to the Bay Area! You'll find inspiration comes from the weirdest places: this friend is a coworker of my boyfriend, haha!

  6. Wow, I think this wins the strange request contest! I once sewed a skirt completely out of ties for a cousin, but I think that's as strange as I've gotten so far.


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