Sewing Fail

This week we've been in the last home stretch of getting our new apartment ready, with a housewarming and my birthday party this weekend. In that process, I have had a bit of a chance to go through and cull some of my sewing stuff (fabric swap, anyone?) and found this to share with you:

This was an embroidery project I took on over a year ago, on a me-made cardigan. I actually really enjoyed doing it, curling up and watching TV with my embroidery hoop, using the thread like coloring in a coloring book. The embroidery itself I think is actually very pretty.

However, the project was very experimental in nature, as I used an old iron-away stabilizer to trace my embroidery pattern on. When I tried to iron it off, it burned the fabric, wearing some parts thin and causing holes in others. And as you can see, it didn't completely iron away, and little white threads were left around all my beautiful embroidery.

Surprisingly, I'm not too bummed about this project, as I knew there was a good chance that the old iron-away wouldn't work, and I just dove in and did the whole project knowing I should have tested it first. In the end the cardigan was not perfect anyway (a bit too tight in the arms), but I'm glad I got to try out a new technique and found that I really do love embroidery, especially this type.

Maybe when I get some time again I'll renew my efforts. Until then, here's some house-related things I've been working on:

A fun door tutorial 

A fresh coat of paint on every wall, ceiling, door and shelf.  Love how the color just covers up all the dirt and grime!

My birthday present from manfriend: an avocado tree in a wine barrel!


  1. Oh shame about the burning but surely this could be cut out and hung on the wall in a hoop to show off your badass skills?

  2. I was going to say the same about cutting and framing this - it really is beautiful work and should be seen.

  3. But all those white plastic-y threads sticking out from the embroidery :( It's ok, I'm looking forward to the next one!

  4. Honestly, I can't see any but if they're present, careful use of a black marker pen might camouflage them!

  5. What beautiful embroidery! I'm just starting to get into embroidery and I'm really enjoying it, which is surprising considering how I despise cross stitching... How awesome to have an avocado tree! You'll have to report back on how it's doing.

  6. The embroidery is beautiful. It's a shame about the burning. Could you cut the embroidery out and frame it on a black background? It would make such a pretty picture!
    Happy Birthday!!

  7. I have to echo everyone - beautiful embroidery, Meg!

  8. that embroidery is lovely, so sad about the stabilizer. could you embroider a bit extra over the burned hole bit? i think you should frame it, too. have you tried running a lint roller over it? that might pick up some of those tiny white threads? maybe? i don't know? i just want this to be saved, ha! ;)


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