On the Needles

I don't usually share my in-progress projects, but this one has been steadily coming together on the needles for the past few months and I had to show it off. The pattern is the Hugo Cabled Pullover by Brooklyn Tweed, and it has included FABULOUS instructions for putting everything together just right. Which is a good thing, because this is destined for K's birthday, so I wanted everything to be perfect!

Most of all I love how the cables and texture are coming along. I need to spend less time petting it and more time knitting! Though so far I've estimated that I've put in about 30 hours on this baby, and still need to do the sleeves...

I've been sick with a cold this week and haven't had much energy to do much else, so this is a good opportunity to get some progress in on this big project. Might be the first sweater I complete in under a year!


  1. You have to show in progress knits - they take too long to keep to yourself until finished! This sweater looks absolutely beautiful. I love the texture!

  2. Wow what a beautiful pattern. I used to skip over blog posts about knitting, but I just started taking knitting classes so I'm becoming obsessed with it. A pattern like this is what I want to be able to do one day! Looks terrifying though. Good luck with the sleeves and can't wait to see the finished thing.


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