My New Fave Top

Pattern: Tessuti's Fave Top (free pattern!)
Material: light sweater knit
Cost: $5

As a sewist, it is always a little fantasy to one day have a completely hand-made wardrobe. On our trip to Spain, I celebrated a little victory when, on K's birthday, we both happened to step into the elevator for dinner in completely me-made outfits. How cool is that?! K rocked his new cardigan and Jedediah pants, and I had on my new top, pleather pants (pics coming soon!), my coat (which I wear all the time in winter), hand-knit scarf, and even one of my bra quest bras! While this is by no means a daily occurrence, I did a little happy dance that it happened at all. Sewing your own wearable clothes really is possible!

As a little something nice to wear on the trip, I made up the Tessuti Fave Top, which really may become my favorite top! It's a comfortable, easy to wear style and is super quick to make. The only alterations I made is that it's a little less wide (and the sleeves a little less long) to accommodate only 1 yd of fabric, and I shortened a bit to taste. As you can see, the neck hem also came out a bit twisted, so I may do my preferred method of using a neckband next time for a cleaner finish.

While it was a little too chilly to wear it out and about on its own in Spain, I did sneak it along to some dinners under a nice layer of coats. Back in California, I think it will be the perfect wardrobe staple! I will write a bit more about this pattern and my inspiration next time I make it up - the fabric's already been bought and pre-washed!

For now, I leave you with this sweet pic of us in our me-made outfits (kinda)!


  1. You're so adorable!!
    The twisted neckband seems to be twisted right in the center, so I assumed it was a choice- it looks like you did it intentionally! I like it!

  2. Very nice! That's a great pattern to show off a beautiful fabric!

  3. i feel like this would be my fav top too. i should give it a try. yours looks awesome.

  4. I love how it flows without being too full, if that makes sense. Lovely!

  5. It looks so comfy - what a great top!

  6. Very cute top, and good job making complete me made outfits for you and your man!


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