Men's Casual Blazer

Project: BurdayStyle's Suit B7046
Materials: Medium-weight canvas and bias binding
Cost: $40

In the festive spirit of these recent holidays, today I'm posting the last of K's birthday presents, an unlined men's blazer. (Sneak peak back here.) 

I have said this before, but dressing 'up' in the San Francisco Bay Area always seems to me to be a bit tricky. In a world where CEOs are known to wear flip flops and shorts to work and where a bicycle is the primary means of transportation, it can be difficult to look nice without overdoing it. 

Enter this blazer. It's a classic tailored design made up in a more casual medium-weight navy canvas. I used BurdayStyle's Suit B7046, relaxing the fit a tad by removing some of the extra shaping seams. Outer patch pockets and the unlined style make the whole thing totally wearable for everything from a nice dinner out to his professor gig in the city. 

The inspiration for the blazer comes from Taylor Stitch's Sea Washed Navy Cotton and Linen Telegraph Blazer (link may expire). The original is a beautiful, made-in-America garment that K tried on in their SF store, but with a $200 price tag it was definitely a splurge. So, I did the classic "I could make that!" and spent $40 and 10 hours in my sewing corner making him one for his birthday. I would say that my version might even fit him a little bit better!

I am most proud of the inside, which is finished almost entirely in contrast binding (tutorial here). Having made this right after rushing my way through the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenges, I really enjoyed taking my time and making a durable, handsome product. The canvas was super easy to sew with, and I was very excited with the results!

I was a bit nervous when giving him his gift because I was worried it wouldn't fit! But it slipped on fine, and overall it has been quite a hit! He has worn it out several times in the past few weeks alone. The one adjustment I had to make - and that you should keep in mind for this pattern - is that the jacket length and sleeves came out quite short! This was a surprise considering it looks quite oversized on the envelope, but luckily it was remedied by taking the sleeves out a full 2 inches. Lucky save!

Finally, I leave you with some detailed shots. I may have reminded him repeatedly that I spent a lot of time on his jacket and that, in my humble opinion, it was exceptionally well made...


  1. Just look at you sewing for others! This jacket looks wonderful, the fit and construction are perfect!

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful, and very well made ;-)

  3. Great jacket! Looks so good on the inside! :)

  4. Its great!! Really suits him too!!

  5. This fits WAY better than the RTW one, and looks amazing. I'd better not let Mr. Guy see it or he'll start wanting something fancy too...

  6. you are right, exceptionally well made...!!


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