Faux Paneled Doors

Finishing up my week of bedroom updates, I am excited to share with you my faux paneled doors. This is a great project because it can be tackled in one day, doesn't require any power tools, and makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. This is a door hack that you may have seen floating around the internets, and this is my (cheaper) take.

Some people use expensive door kits to convert regular builder doors into faux-paneled doors. Other people buy crown moulding and meter the corners to create frames. But what I ended up doing is buying canvas stretcher bars, the wooden frames that artists use to stretch their canvas over. They're great because they come in a whole range of sizes, snap together at the corners without the need for a metering saw or nails, and are relatively cheap. Here's how to attach them to your door:

Here's the full pic of the finished door. I splurged on some crystal door knobs from Amazon because we only have two interior doors in the whole house. The panels have now held up for 10+ months.

OK, next week I promise to get back to some clothes-making. It's so nice to have all this stuff out of the way so I can get back to sewing!


  1. The door looks fantastic!!! What size frames did you use, and paint color?

    1. Thanks! Each frame is 20”x28” and I think we just used a regular old black semi-gloss paint from sherwin williams.


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