Meg Made May Week 2

Saturday 5/10: weekend archer with black pants and boat shoes
Sunday night dinner: mustard dress and grey coat with black shoes
Sunday 5/11: striped top (formerly a dress) and winter swing jacket with jeans and boat shoes

Monday 5/12: black cowl with grey pants and black shoes
Tuesday 5/13: ikat shirt (unblogged) with black pants and black shoes
Wednesday 5/14: Peggy pocket skirt with white top, scarf and red shoes
Thursday 5/15: Striped dress with belt and red shoes
Friday: 5/16: red silk top with grey jeans and black shoes

This week, I've had to find clothes than span 32 degrees and snowing to 90 degrees in San Francisco - quite possibly the hottest day we'll see all year! On our Tahoe vacation, I lounged indoors in my cozy Weekender Archer, and my wool coat and winter jacket kept me warm once the snow had settled. Wool is definitely my favorite for making light-weight but warm jackets.

Then, coming back to the city the temperature jumped over 20 degrees in just a few days. Coworkers pulled out their shorts and summer dresses. The fog should be rolling back in later today, but I had time to sneak in some rare skirt and dress appearances with the Peggy Pocket skirt and Striped Dress.

I'm actually quite impressed that my handmade wardrobe has pulled through for me so far with all the crazy travelling and temperature changes. Stay tuned next week for my annual semi-made Bay 2 Breakers costume...

For those interested, my MMM board is made using blogged photos of my garments combined in Photoshop with garments from Polyvore that are similar to the store-bought garments I already own. 

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