Meg Made May Week 4

Saturday 5/23: bathing suit (not yet blogged) and white tee with shorts and boat shoes
Sunday 5/24: Plantain top with pants, hat and running shoes
Monday 5/25: striped top (formerly a dress) and knit scarf with black pants and boat shoes
Tuesday 5/26: peplum ruffle top with grey jeans and red shoes
Wednesday 5/27: Scout tee (unblogged) with black pants and black boots
Thursday 5/28: red silk top with black pants and red shoes
Friday 5/29: skinny jeans (not yet blogged) with tee, blazer, and black shoes

Whew! Another week, come and gone. Wearing the clothes has been easy, but May has been exhausting. I hope to get back to more regularly scheduled blogging soon!

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