Nautical Swimmer

Pattern: Ohhh Lulu's Ginger Panties (bottoms) and Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200 (top)
Fabric: bathing suit lycra
Cost: $10

Well, it's swimsuit season again, and that means some amazing hand-sewn ones popping up all over the interwebs. I'm adding mine to the mix, with nautical stripes and a pattern based off my bras and bathing suit bottoms.

This is the fifth bathing suit I've made, and each time I've felt that mine were a bit too snug for comfort. So I set out to try some new construction techniques, incorporating some of my knowledge from the past year of bra-making. The first thing I did was finish the leg openings without elastic. Instead, I attached a band without stretching the leg opening. I then zig-zag stitched it down, covering the serged edge. I think it gave a nice clean finish, even if my sewing machine still abhors a swimsuit fabric.

I applied this finish to the waist and bra top as well, but added in swimsuit elastic to hold everything together. The top is complete with regular underwires and a plastic closure at the back. Will the underwires work in a bathing suit without rusting? Here's hoping!

I also added some plastic anchor buttons for fun, but may remove them if they interfere with my sunbathing. (Nothing shall come between me and my summer relaxation!) Here's a glimpse of the buttons as well as the seams, which were all finished using my serger.

And I suppose you'd like to see it in action. Here I am by the river in Austin. Can't wait to be relaxing by the water again soon!


  1. This is adorable! I love the little buttons you added! I'm inspired to try sewing a suit or two, but I need a fair amount of practice before I dive in. :-D

  2. This is soooo adorbz!! I alas don't feel comfy in or look 1/10 as good as you in a teeny swimsuit like you do. I love the details you added. Such a smart move using a regular bra pattern to make a super nice bikini top.

  3. So gorgeous! I really love the style you chose and the stripes look perfect!!

  4. THAT IS AWESOME! I really love it. Impressed that you turned undergarment patterns into swimwear.

  5. you are too cute! I bought a new swimsuit for the under wire but I was cheap and ended up with something from forever21. Maybe next year I'll attempt a swimsuit! All in good time! and seriously you look so cute in your suit!


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