Progress on the Stashbusting List

If you've been following along with my little sidebar list (pictured below), you'll see that I'm making some progress on my stashbusting for the year! Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop buying fabric (damn you Bay Area Sewists and last minute trips to Fabric Outlet!), so I can't say that there is much new room in my cabinet. Someday...

Nevertheless, I have sewn 17 things off the list so far this year, and that is worth mentioning! There are a couple lingering projects from newer materials on there that I want to get to, some winter-appropriate fabrics that may have to wait until fall, and that mend-it/UFO bin, which I never seem to want to start on. But I think once I get through the things on the first four categories, I'll make myself a new stashbusting list.

If you are interested in getting some support on your stashbusting, Sally of The Quirky Peach is running a Summer Stashbust, where you can join the convo and start posting your finished makes!


  1. That's very inspiring, the way you organized this! I'm in Quirky Peach's Summer Stashbust, too. Love the way she set it up for 3 months - it feels so do-able. (I bought my last piece of fabric on June 20th - LOL!)

    Maybe I'll take a look at my stash (which would fill a 39 gal bag to the gills) and do a little planning like you did. It's fun to cross things off a list. :-)

  2. So appealing to my nerdy-list-making-tracking self, Meg! You may have inspired me to track yet one more thing! ;-)

  3. Congrats on your featured tutorials! I've been following you for a few months. Just started a stash/scrap page on face book and would love to get posts on how people are using their scraps. It's new (only about 2 weeks young) :-)
    Take care and congrats!

  4. 17 things! That's great! I'm participating in the Quirky Peach's Summer Stashbust which includes a moratorium on purchasing new fabric. So far, I've made five things. Not bad!! And I have a dress that just needs a zip and a hem. It feels so good to get things done. :) Now I'll need to find room in my clothes closet!


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