Quilted Scout

Pattern: Grainline's Scout Woven Tee
Fabric: cotton quilted (scuba?) knit
Cost: $18
Tuesday night I dropped Mr. Made, the film crew, and my costumes off at the airport on their way to filming Twinsburg, and I've had the place to myself ever since. The house is clean, the fridge is stocked with frozen meals, and I've gotten the chance to sew, read, and run to my heart's content (except for that whole going to work thing).

First thing up on the sewing roster was a simple Scout Tee (the first of three, I'm afraid). The special part of this shirt is the fabric, which is a beautiful quilted affair that feels a bit like cotton on top and scuba underneath, and has a slight stretch. I believe Sewaholic's Tasia made a skirt and bra top out of it. I first saw it at Stone Mountain after one of our Meetups, but held off on buying it. Obviously, I couldn't get it out of my head, and scooped some up on my next trip. It's such a subtle, elegant design that I couldn't resist!

This also gave me a chance to perfect my pattern tweaking on the Scout Tee, which I noticed needed a bit more room in the armhole (armscye) on the front piece. It's not such a big deal on a shirt with a bit of stretch like this, but I do need it on my woven tees!

I wore this shirt today and it was very comfy. I could probably do with shaving a bit more off the shoulder, but I want to see how that turns out in a woven fabric before I make any more changes to the pattern. 

Since Mr. Made is off, I busted out the ol' tripod and snapped some pics myself. Hopefully he'll be back soon so I can dispense with the selfies (and stop sleep walking - I am quite the mess when he is gone)!


  1. I saw this exact fabric at Fabricana a few months ago and resisted buying cause I have way too much fabric already. Very cute tshirt!

  2. this is a great top! i just made up a scout yesterday--i never tire of this super practical pattern! i've been thinking to try a version in a double knit for fall, so i'm glad to see how cute yours looks in a fabric with such body.

  3. I've been eyeing that fabric over at SM&D for months but resisted as I was a bit stumped about what it could become. Your top sure looks great though! Now I'm inspired to maybe pic some up after next month's meetup if it's still there.

  4. Wow! I love the fabric! I think it fits you very well.

  5. Have to agree with people above: amazing fabric!


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