Baby Pants

Pattern: Baste + Gather's Baby Got Back Leggings for Cloth Diapered Babies
Fabric: ponte
Cost: free pattern + remnants!

When my brother was a baby, my mother used to change him, squish his chunky little legs, and exclaim: "Nice legs!" One day during his changing he looked down and inspected himself, proclaiming, "Nice legs!" I think even he must have known how adorable those little baby appendages are!

For my coworker's second child, a baby boy, I decided to make up a few pairs of Baste + Gather's Baby Got Back Leggings. The pattern is free, I used scraps for the fabric, and it took only a few hours late one night to put them together, making them the perfect gift. I sewed him up a pair in size 0-3 months and 3-6 months so he'd have something to grow into, as babies grow so fast!

Today my coworker sent me some pics of his older daughter, who is 2 years old, wearing the size 3-6 month pair. Isn't she cute?! She's a petite little thing so they fit her great, and for a toddler not in diapers they give a sort of drop-crotch look. For bigger babies, the pants come sized all the way up to 2T.

I'm already planning on making up some more pairs for my cousin's son for Christmas. I think they would be super adorable with little knee pads and other details. The pattern itself actually has a few variations for adding applique shapes or ruffles, so there are a lot of possibilities!

Now to explain to my mother why I keep making baby clothes...


  1. Squishy, chubby baby legs are the best! These pants are perfect for a new baby. They are adorarblesssssssss! When I had my little guy, I got all sorts of useless clothes that got set aside... these woulda been worn loads... good choice!

    1. That's good to know! I always wonder what new parents find useful!


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