Men's Gingham Shirt

Pattern: BurdaSyle's Men's Shirt 7045
Fabric: gingham from unknown/mixed fibers
Cost: free from Bay Area Sewists fabric swap

Here is another project sewn up from fabric I got at our swap in July. While I personally wanted a button-up shirt for myself (and still may have some fabric left over) this one went to Mr. Made for his big 3-0 birthday. He was out of town for work in the week leading up to his birthday, so I sewed like a mad woman to get things ready. The bulk of my time went to making pants (pictures coming soon?), leaving me very little time for this shirt. I cut it out one night and finished it Saturday literally minutes before he walked through the door.

After the last button up I made him, Mr. Made had mentioned that he likes a yoke with a pleated back, along with a curved hem. These are fairly standard, but the Burda pattern I had used did not have those features so I modified the pattern to his specifications.

I would say I'm still developing my shirt-making skills, but now that I've made a few it was interesting to see how quickly I could sew one up, especially for something as special as a birthday. The pattern matching went well except that the front should alternate white-blue instead of white-white across the button band, and I think maybe I should have cut the back yolk on the diagonal. As for sewing, I held my breath as I sewed the collar at breakneck speed, and luckily it turned out fine. I did, however, sew the cuffs in wrong so that they overlap opposite as they should. Luckily Mr. Made didn't seem to notice, but he has requested one more button to keep the cuff closed.

I say he looks pretty sharp, and we even got a few head shots of him to use professionally. The fabric does lie a bit weird because of the synthetic fibers, but it looks great for work and not too home-made or my-gf-made-this-so-I-have-to-wear-it.

This was made back in early December, and now that I have my refined sewing plan I am happy to move away from work clothes sewing and start some more fun pieces I have planned soon!


  1. Wow! That looks great! I love the large Gingham and it looks like it fits him well.

  2. That turned out really nicely. The large gingham is a great look. I have just started making menswear and am quite keen to do more.

    1. Yes, men's sewing is fascinating! I love how it is based on doing classic construction really well versus all the fitting and "design elements" of women's wear.

  3. I think it looks great and your pattern matching is fantastic!

  4. Wow, this looks great and fits wonderfully. I didn't notice the button band thing until you mentioned it and hey, it looks like a design feature, right? Right?!

  5. Looks awesome! I never seem to cut my button bands right... it's tricky to visualize how it's going to work when it's sewn up!

  6. Really nice job! This reminds me that I should probably try to sew some shirts for my husband… :-)

  7. I am so glad that fabric went to good use! Great job, looks perfect on him!


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