The Frenchie Sewing Story

Well, international puppy day has come and gone, and so has the crazy dog lady sewing challenge, so I figure it's time for an update on our pup, Beatrix Kiddo. She turned one year old in February, got spayed shortly before, and has been a bundle of fun and energy for the entire six months we've had her.

A few months in, the weather turned cold and I finally had the chance to make her some little jackets, documented here on the blog. The real joy about sewing with a frenchie, however, is having a little sewing companion. While their demeanor makes them great apartment/city dogs, french bulldogs were originally bred in England as companions for lacemakers. During the industrial revolution and the mechanization of the textile industry, they accompanied their owners cross border to France where they waited patiently at the foot of the table, keeping their owner's feet warm as they stitched away. Centuries later in my sewing room, Beatrix has dutifully taken her place at my presser foot like it was meant to be.

So what have I made her?

Besides the things I've posted here, I have managed to sew a few other things. When we found out we were adopting here, we converted an old trunk into her bed and I made the cushion and cushion cover. How does she like it? Well, when we first brought her home she would wake up at 4am because that's the time her former dad would get up to go work. Then she learned to sleep in until our alarm clock went off around 7. Now, she sleeps in until well after I've gotten out the shower and am getting ready for the day. Smart girl!

I have also made her a few bits that haven't ended up on the blog, mostly because they never made it past muslin stage. Frenchies are tricky to fit because they are so round and stocky, but after a muslin t-shirt I did make her a sweatshirt that I love. I need to sew her up another one and do a full post on that, as version 1 has already met its end.

Come Christmas time I also tried to make her some onesie pajamas. Unforatunately, I never quite achieved the perfect/practical fit, even after 3-4 tests. Maybe next year.

Mostly though, she hangs out sans clothes, or maybe with her harness and bow on, and goes just about everywhere that we do.

If you do like this sort of thing, you can follow along at BeatrixKiddoFrenchie on Instagram because, yeah, we're crazy dog people like that.


  1. Awwww....Beatrix Kiddo!! What a cutie! And how cool that Frenchie's were bred for lacemakers! I have pugs so I know all about fitting rotund little bodies with think necks! What a great trunk bed too!

    1. I've been admiring your little pack of pugs! For the sweatshirt I used a Milla Milla pattern that Ginger Makes used, and they have a FB (french bulldog) size that is perfect! Will try to write a post about it soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is just crazy cute. I especially love the first and bike pictures! My dog isn't allowed in my sewing room much because she gets too excited and will knock things over.

  3. She is ADORABLE!!!!! I just love her little face! And it's so cool to hear about the breed origins- awesome!

  4. So cute! What a well-behaved little one! My cat won't curl up by the presser foot -- he insists on curling up in the chair I just stood up from. It's not easy sewing on the edge of the chair with an obstinate cat behind me!

  5. Oh my god, those pajamas are adorable! For some reason, I don't think I've sewn anything for my jack russell, though she still has plenty of outfits as friends and family keep buying her stuff. I'd love to make some pj's for her though! We could match and be like Ron Burgundy & Baxter! <3


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