Blush Top

Pattern: BurdaStyle's Printed Blouse 08/2012 #109
Fabric: ponte from remnant pile at Stone Mountain
Cost: $15

I've been working away on some bigger project and gifts, but to me there is nothing more satisfying and fun than popping out a quick t-shirt. It reminds me of how I learned to sew - with fast, easy projects that I tackled with reckless abandon. 

This is another version of BurdaStyle's Printed Blouse 08/2012 #109, a woven top pattern that has become a TNT. I used it here on a knit because I like the idea of the French darts giving that extra shaping, and with a facing it actually makes the top quite nice for work or even (ever so slightly) dressier occasions. OK, yes, I realize that I live in the Bay Area, land of tech hoodies and yoga pants and the only place where you can get away with calling a t-shirt fancy.  

Despite using a ponte, however, I feel like this pattern needs something with a bit less drape to really hold its shape. When I slouch it still looks quite wrinkly. I also eliminated the darts in the back and now, reviewing the photos, I realize that that was probably a mistake. The back neckline is also a bit stretched out. I'm not sure how that happened, but something to do with sewing with reckless abandon. Finally, I keep thinking that it is a good idea to try machine-stitched blind hems on knits, but so far the results have been lackluster (and very visible) each time.

Nevertheless, this shirt has already seen a ton of wear, it was fun and quick to make, and I love the chance to do a little bit of experimentation. I'm also quite pleased with the position of that dart!

I'm off to Palm Springs in a day or so for our annual girls' trip. I don't have much warm weather me-made clothes for Me-Made-May, so that should make things interesting. I did make a bathing suit though, and this one might actually be wearable!

Until next time!


  1. This looks really lovely on you - I love the colour! Have fun on your trip!

  2. I am in love with the color. I just bought a bamboo knit in a similar shade. Looks fab with your hair!

  3. Och the dart IS perfect! Nice. And I think this type of t-shirt can definitely be described as "fancy" (although that may be MY bias, currently living in a hippy/farming town)


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