Meg Made May 2015 - Week 2

Friday - Swing Jacket, Ruffle Top, Ginger Jeans
Saturday & Sunday - Bathing Suit, handmade tops for friends, not much else
Monday - Hawaiian Dress
Tuesday - daVinci Blouse, Camel Pants
Wednesday - Blush Top, Black Ginger Jeans
Thursday - Scout Tee, Grey Gingers
Friday - Pleather Sleeve Tee, Black Ginger Jeans

This week, I challenged myself a bit on the Me-Made front by going on a warm-weather vacation, a climate I do NOT usually sew for. Luckily, my new bathing suit held me over most of the time, and the one time we did need to make a public appearance I had a few handmade knit dresses to choose from. Other than that, honestly, there wasn't much need for clothes.

On Tuesday, I dragged myself back into the work week with the usual uniform of boxy tops and skinny jeans. It was most definitely a rough transition back into the working world (and the fog!) but comfy clothes most certainly helped. On Friday I allowed myself to wear a pleather-sleeved top because I was going out to a show that night, and made it work-friendly by pairing it with a cropped trench coat during the day. Hopefully I can post about that top soon.

At this point, the only thing I am really missing right now are my button-up shirts. My collection is mostly ready-to-wear, coming from a mix of store-bought and second hand. I wear them often, but unfortunately none of them quite fit right. I plan to remedy this eventually with a Granville pattern and some cotton fabrics I have stockpiled for the purpose, but until then I keep hanging on to my old RTW ones. There's a few more projects I have to get to first (sewing for a wedding! finishing a jacket!) but I can't wait to have my own me-made shirts.

While I think I have enough clothes and ideas to get through the month, wearing Me-Made outfits is definitely proving to be a bit of a challenge!


  1. You are doing so great on Me-Made May. I have enjoyed seeing all your outfits.


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