Fan Dog

Pattern: Milla Milla Dog Sweatshirt (size FB), modified with button front and collar
Cost: free

Our favorite college football team has a "pet of the game" contest where fans send in pictures of their pets in Cal gear in the hopes of getting featured and winning a pair of free tickets. Of course Beatrix had to participate. I made her a shirt with scraps from ours, and now all three of us have matching shirts. Ha!

Like ours, hers is a button-front shirt with a little collar. I've made this french bulldog-sized raglan pattern a few times so I knew what I was getting into as I modified it, but I'm still a little surprised about just how good the fit is. I did have to piece together several parts as I really was working with only scraps, but the print makes it hardly noticeable. To put it on I have her step in the arm holes, and then she lies on her back to get all buttoned up. I think she quite enjoys it, not to mention the pictures and attention!

I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking:

Our little line backer. 


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