Giving Fiber Art a Try

I took this week off between quitting my full-time job and starting grad school, and it's been the perfect time to hang out at my sewing machine, tick some things off of my to-sew list, and experiment. I have always admired fiber artists, from amazing quilters like Completely Cauchy to Haptic Lab's city quilts, so today I decided to try my hand at it.

This one is a map of the Monterey Bay where I grew up, a present for my father who is not only a fellow lover of maps but also a marine scientist, and turning 60 at the end of this week! I was particularly inspired by Terry Aske and Linda Gass, who have both made amazing map quilts. Mine uses three fat quarters and interfacing, with embroidery and top stitching for the details like terrain, highways, and the deep canyon that runs in the bay.

Doing this project definitely gave me a huge appreciation for the time and effort (not to mention skill!) it takes to make true fiber art. Aske's and Gass's work is so elaborate and precise, you can tell they put a ton of time and thought into their creations. I just love the way they found the perfect fabrics for each part of their designs. And the stitching is so precise!

Mine is definitely a lot more novice looking, but it was nice to dip my toes in the water and try something new. If I ever get another great big chunk of time, it would be amazing to try doing an intricate quilt or wall hanging.

Now back to garment sewing!

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