Wardrobe Architect

When Wardrobe Architect came out, I read each post with great interest. But I also new that, for me, it could quickly become an all-consuming project. I am the type of obsessive person who would easily get sucked in to compulsively filling out each worksheet, trying too hard to define a perfect and inflexible style. Inevitably, I would make the rules too rigid, the demands too high. 

Instead, I let the idea stew. For over a year I casually took note of which garments I wear most often, what makes me happy, and what I am most comfortable wearing. Rather than planning out future projects, this Wardrobe Architect is a reflection of my current style and some of my projects in the works. The hope is that this will help me focus on filling any remaining gaps in my wardrobe and sew new pieces that fit right in.

Here are some things I like: classic, simple shapes; a neutral palette; flowy tops with fitted bottoms; cottons; knits. I like things that can work on the weekend and at my job, and are easy to wear:

What I love about these shapes is that they can easily carry me from picking out my clothes for work in the morning to throwing on something easy for the weekend. Made up in a crisp white, a button-up shirt is great for meetings, while a soft plaid is perfectly snuggly for a cold day in the park. My general uniform is a boxy top with slim pants, and changing the fabric or pattern allows me to create tons of different outfits while still sticking with what works for me. They combine easily into simple silhouettes:
Source: 1234567

As for a color palette, I mentioned that I gravitate toward neutral pieces like navy and denim, black and white, a few pops of color like mustard, green, or red, and I wear stripes so much that they might as well be considered a color:

To keep me inspired, I also took the opportunity to refresh my physical inspiration board. I first put one together four or five years ago to keep track of current inspiration and fabrics, but I really haven't changed it since. So this time I loaded it up with my favorite shapes and pieces that have inspired me for years:

As I said, I won't make any promises about grand WA sewing plan, but I love putting it all up there to be inspired by!


  1. Too funny. Sounds like me. When I decide to do something I tend to go overboard and become completely obsessed :)

  2. How do you do the mosaic of the pattern pictures? I have been thinking about what I want to make/wear and buying patterns to fit the look and would love to have a picture of them together to keep me focussed! Hope you stay inspired!

    1. Hi Anna - I use photoshop, but another resource for collaging photos is to use the templates at fotor.com. For a more custom look, I might also suggest you play around in Microsoft PowerPoint.

    2. thanks, will have a look at all those to find what works for me!


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