2015 in Sewing

Wow, another year! This year has brought new challenges, with less income and a different schedule as I started grad school, but also more flexible time and new energy. And it looks like I found quite a lot of time to sew! Many of my projects this year could be characterized as quick and easy, but these were often my most-worn. I have nearly worn my Ginger jeans to death, and the simple tops have seen a lot of wear. I also had the opportunity to work on some really fun projects, from my jacket with Beth to some new dresses for this summer's weddings. There were of course a couple of duds, but overall a good year!

Total Projects: about 40
Average Cost: about $14

1. Gingham Love - still in love with this top!
2. Blush Top - I'm not sure this is my best color, but I wear this one a lot, too
3. Granville Shirt - just the basic white shirt I needed
4. Pink Granville - a little tight in the shoulders, but still wearable
5. Crop Top - fun for the right occasion
6. Bias Cut Camisole - not sure how much this one will get worn - we'll see
7. Navy Sutton Blouse - a bit of a dud for me, something's just off with this one
8. Camas Blouse - another dud
9. Jasper Sweater Tunic - wore this one this morning
10. Grandma Pants - so comfy!
11. Grey Gingers - a bit big in the waist, but could be fixed with some darts
12. Gingers 1 and Gingers 2 - I LOVE THESE PANTS!

1. Cocoon Coat - this is one of my favorite coats
2. Jacket - learned so much making this one!
3. Dip-Dye Dress - very pretty but the fit is a bit big
4. Alaska Wedding Dress - hope to wear this again soon
5. V-Day Bra - a bit silly, but fun
6. Home Ec Bathing Suit - awful
7. Successful Bathing Suit - successful!

1. Sea Lion Costume - so much work, but so much fun
2. Fan Dog - worn for every game we watch at home
3. Christmas Sweater - so fun to make
4. Dog Hoodie - she got about 3 of these this year, and more soon
5. Dog Days Hat - very cute, but stays on for about 3 minutes
6. Dog Pom Pom Hat (not blogged) - same as above
7. Dog Dress - love it, but people still think she's a boy
8. Top - first shirt and muslin for future projects
9. Dog All-Weather Jacket (not blogged) - very handy! lined in fleece and wool, with a waterproof shell
10. Pajamas - I will perfect this design one day!

1. Men's Gingham Shirt - gets lots of wear
2. Cal Shirts - I made four of these, and wold be happy to never make another
3. Men's Hudson Pants - love these!
4. Men's Pants - need to mend something to get these back in action
5. Sorbettos - easy, great gift
6. Fiber Art - very well received!

Here's to a new year!


  1. Dang, girl! You've had a really productive year! Cheers to 2016!

  2. I will agree, amazingly productive and also items that are really useful and wearable. i need to take a hint from your sewing and do the same. Happy New Year!

  3. You have been so productive! An average cost of $14 that is amazing! specially considering you made a coat and jacket. How did you do that?

    1. Averages can be a bit deceiving, and in this case a lot of the dog stuff was made for free with remnants and some of the fabric came for free from fabric swaps with the Bay Area sewists. The jacket was definitely more expensive to make, and you can check out the details by clicking on its link. I do have a great source for discount wool though at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley!


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