Grandma Pants

Pattern: True Bias's Hudson Pants
Fabric: 2 yds light weight denim stretch woven
Cost: $20

It's happened: grad school has kicked my fashion sense down a notch. I won't tell you these elastic-waist pants are trendy, cute, or elegant but I will say that they are darn comfortable. Born out of my need for comfy clothes on my mid-week day off, these stretch woven denim pants are perfect for sitting on the couch under a pile of books and taking the dog out on long mid-day walks. They're not high fashion, but they work great for my every day life right now.

I made them using True Bias's ever-popular Hudson pants, sizing up a couple of sizes as recommended to make them in a woven fabric. I cut the cuffs bigger as well, and modified them into a tulip shape. It's a fun detail on an otherwise basic pant.

The slight stretch of the material gives them that extra give that makes them truly comfortable compared to other woven pants I own. I noticed mine are a bit baggier than other versions out there, but I really don't know how you would make them more fitted without popping any seams. I could see, however, taking out a bit of fabric in the crotch area. I may try these again in the very similar V8909, just to see how differently it will play out.
As well as wearing them around the neighborhood, these were perfect for the long drives required to visit family this holiday season, so I am not apologizing for my granny pantsies. I do, however, have a yummy jacket and a Christmas top headed your way once it stops raining and my photographer gets back into town. 


  1. they are cute and what else does one wear lounging around on the couch. comfort rules! and a new jacket, looking forward to seeing that. Merry Christmas

  2. Its simplicity made it stands out, it suits you well, hard work paid off isn't it?

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  3. i definitely don't think these are grandma pants! they look so cute on you. or...maybe turning 30 in a month means i am turning to granny style myself because i am ready to go make a pair just like this! ;) happy sewing

    1. Thank you! And 30 is hardly granny territory at all! Although grannies can also have the best style!


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