New Year, New Pattern: Tania Culottes

Pattern: Megan Nielsen's Tania Culottes
Fabric: 1 1/2 yds wool woven
Cost: $15

Last week I showed you my Christmas outfit, so this week it is only fitting that I catch you up on what I made for New Year's Eve. Here she is all gussied up in glitter and a party hat to recreate the moment.

Like everything else in the city, NYE is a rather casual affair in SF characterized more by men in dresses and glitter than women in fancy ball gowns. I took the opportunity to make a simple but fun piece for the occasion that I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of later. This proved the perfect time to try the famous Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes, which I'd had in my stash since I hit 'purchase' during a pattern sale a few years ago. I paired it with some black wool that was originally intended for a pair of pants, and the weight and body suited the design well. A more fastidious sewer would probably have lined them, but it works fine as is for me.

I'm usually one for longer skirts, but something about the culotte design (and the fact that I planned to wear these with tights) made me go for this shorter style, and I love it! I did lengthen the pattern slightly by cutting the hem along the XL hem line as Fiona suggested, and that was adequate for me. I had a lot of fun wearing the final product, and I think it will be a handy piece to have on hand when I want to wear something more than just jeans out and about. Here she is in the obligatory spinny pose, where you can see the fullness of each leg.

I realized as I was tracing the pattern that this is my first time trying Megan Nielsen's patterns. While I have been a long time follower, I had yet to sew up any of her designs. Megan Nielsen prides herself on beautiful, easy to sew patterns and the Tania Culottes were no exception. I love that they were only 13 pages to print out and trace, and use only four pattern pieces. I also easily fit the whole layout on 1 1/2 yards. And despite the simplicity of the construction, this pattern appealed to me because it is a unique design not found many other places. Definitely worth the money in this case.

I spent the evening with Mr. Made and friends, bar hopping, dancing, and finishing the night at a perfect little bar set up with tables that at the time looked to me like a magical Medieval feast.  I don't often have high expectations for this holiday, but it proved to be great fun in my new skirt.

Hope your new year is off to a great start!


  1. Looks lovely and comfy! Great choice in the black wool. Thanks for the info about the pdf specs - I'm also a long time fan of Megan Nielsen patterns but haven't ever made one up, I think the Tania pattern will be my first, especially since you've made it seem so approachable!

  2. super cute. and you will get a lot of wear out of those. I made that pattern two summers ago and intended to repeat - you have inspired me to make a black version.


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