The Interview Pants

Pattern: Closet Case File's Ginger Jeans
Fabric: 1 1/2 yards stretch cotton lycra sateen
Cost: $9

I know, I know, these pants aren't terribly exciting, but they got the job done. Lately, I've been feeling a gap in my wardrobe when it comes to work pants. While I have a lot of Ginger jeans and casual pants that I wear to the office and to school, I wanted something just a little more formal looking. Nothing too crazy, but something with a slanted pocket and no topstitching or belt loops.

For these pants, I made some simple changes to the Ginger jeans and sewed them up. Unfortunately, I got a bit cocky and didn't baste fit (always baste fit!), and my first pair came out too tight! I think this fabric, in contrast to other stretch cotton sateen I've sewn with, didn't have any vertical stretch. While I could get the pants on just fine, they weren't very practical to move around in. Luckily, gives really generous cuts of yardage, and I had ordered enough to make a second pair. I am pretty happy with this version, although I did have to take in the waistband and let out the hem after wearing them a few times to make them fit how I like.

While the Ginger Jean pattern worked fine in this case, the shaping is really meant for a close-fitting jean. There are still a few wrinkles and lines here and there that, while fine for simple black pants, I know I could improve on. To get more of the cigarette look, I'm going to experiment with some trouser-style patterns that are better suited to this look. I picked up McCall's 6405 at a recent Bay Area Sewists pattern swap that I am curious to muslin, and I've also been working on some pull-on pant styles inspired by the Style Arc Barb Pant that was so popular on Pattern Review this year. I'm on a strict sewing budget right now, but I also really want to try bengaline, a stretch suiting that is supposed to be both stylish and comfortable.

Despite any sewing mishaps, these pants have gotten the job done. I wore them to an interview last week along with my vintage Simplicity jacket and got an offer for a summer internship! I'm sure the pants didn't win me any bonus points, but it's nice to build a semi-professional wardrobe that I can pull out whenever the occasion calls for it.

I also recently reactivated my Instagram account to be strictly sewing related. Here is my interview outfit and white button up shirt:

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I have a bunch more sewing to catch you up on, but we will have to wait until the rain stops and I take my hair out of the midterm studying bun it's been in for the past week. Happy sewing to the rest of you!


  1. These look great!! Did you put pockets on the back? I'm glad your second pair worked out well - I have learned the baste and fit lesson the hard way, way too often! It just always seems like such a pain!

    1. Thanks! No back pockets because I'm lazy, but they'd look really nice with welt pockets.


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