Baby's First Band Tee, Cartoon Overalls & More

Let me start off this post by saying that I am not pregnant nor do I have any imminent plans of becoming so. But I LOVE making baby clothes. They are relatively quick and easy, and miniature anything is just adorable. Lucky for me, my coworkers and even some of my friends have been supplying ample opportunities for mini sewing. Here are some of my recent baby clothes for a variety of new and soon-to-be parents in my life:

Fabric: repurposed band tees
Cost: free from Mr. Made's t-shirt collection

I am obsessed with this clothing refashion. These two mini band tees are for our friends who are decidedly punk rock. Lucky for me, Mr. Made shares a bit of their aesthetic and was giving away some of his old tees. I snatched two of my favorites - featuring Jimi Hendrix and The Clash - and made * the cutest * mini band shirts. The neckline ribbing, sleeve hems, and center front design were all reconfigured to give these a shirts a very realistic final look. I even love how the fabric fades and cracks to look like this baby has been wearing them since the bands were on tour.

The pattern is McCall's 5194, generously provided by my mom, and it is such a good deal! It includes pattern pieces for 11 different garments, from t-shirts to robes and diaper covers. My mom had already made the t-shirt once and the pieces had been cut out and lovingly grouped within a labeled bag inside the envelope. It was very easy to make and I will definitely be using this one again.

Pattern: Melly Sews's Baby Boy Romper (free pattern)
Cost: $5

This romper is for Mr. Made's dear high school friends, who are most definitely some of the hippest parents I know. It was rumored that their son Finn was named after the Adventure Time character Finn the Human, so of course I had to purchase the themed fabric for their baby gift. It is lined in remnant chambray, with careful pattern matching across the front and back center seams where possible.

The pattern is a free pattern and tutorial from Melly Sews, which you can get by following the link and then subscribing to her newsletter. It says it's for a baby boy, but of course I think this would be cute on any gender. I don't have a particular girly aesthetic, so when dressing babies (or even the dog) I tend toward cute looks that would work for whoever wears it. I especially chose this pattern because it allowed me to use the quilting cotton, whereas most baby patterns are designed for knits. The pattern has snaps at the bottom and buttons at the top for easy on-off and changing. 

Pattern: Baste + Gather's Baby Got Back Leggings (free pattern)
Fabric: 1/2 yard remnant knit fabric
Cost: free

Finally, this is one of my go-to patterns for baby clothes. The leggings are perfect for knit remnants (although you could also use Purl Soho's free woven baby pants pattern, too). They have a large rear panel to accommodate even the largest diapers, which I love because I never know which type of diapers parents will be using. They have a slightly dropped-crotch look, which is really fun for older children as well. The pattern comes sized from 0 to 2T, so there are lots of options. 

So there you have it, three very different patterns, three very different looks, so much cuteness. You'll also notice that each of these patterns were free or nearly free, using up lots of remnants and free pattern sources. Perfect if your friends are procreating like bunnies! Now if only the kids didn't grow out of them so quickly...


  1. Never, EVER, have there been baby clothes made to recognize the parents' ROCK style. Those are AMAZING t-shirts!

  2. oh wow those t-shirts are so cool! I've got a few band t-shirts of my own which have shrunk over the years, but that would be perfect for my toddler so I might need to do some re-fashioning too!

  3. These are all so awesome, but those band tees are my favourite! You did such a great job - you have lucky friends!


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