Hanging Out on the Fire Escape with Granville

Pattern: Sewaholic's Granville Shirt
Fabric: 2 yds Pumpkin/Slate Cotton/Rayon/Tencil Gabardine from Hell Gate Fabrics
Cost: $15 after gift certificates and discounts

It's been a cold summer. I've rediscovered sweaters I haven't worn in years, turned on the heater at least once, and started in on my autumn sewing, apparently.

Not much to say here as this is my fifth Granville, but you can find the others here. I am still struggling with having over-tightened the sleeves and upper back (my second version fit perfectly!), and so I may need to substitute out another patten's sizing. I splurged on the paper version of this and cut it all up, and now I regret it. Can't beat that fit with the back princess seams, though. I am rather obsessed with this pattern, and hope to see good things continue to come out of Sewaholic after she's sold the company to a fabric store. Here's hoping!

The fabric for this one is lovely. I have had my eye on it ever since Sonja opened up Hell Gate Fabrics. It's pretty much my perfect fabric - fall colors, plaid, and super soft. When she had a sale several months ago I used a gift certificate and snapped it up.

Mr. Made and I caught some fleeting evening light at his office for these pics. Even with all the professional lighting he has inside, there's nothing better than that afternoon glow!

Every time I finish a button front shirt I swear I'm never making one again. And then I buy fabric and pin inspiration for five more. Next I want a sleeveless button down shirt dress. I even have the denim. Perhaps when the weather warms up in the fall? 


  1. This is gorgeous, I love it! :)

  2. really cute - what is better than a plaid shirt? love it.

  3. That's some good stitchin'! This looks so great on you!

  4. The shirt looks great on you and the fabric looks so nice.

  5. I love how this shirt looks! it's a classic

  6. Looks like a fall staple, I love it!


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