Some New Sewing

Pattern: BurdaStyle's Retro Top 07/2013 #130
Fabric: 1 yd scuba knit
Cost: $4

I haven't had as much time to sew this semester as I'd have liked, although I have been getting lots of knitting done in class. With the election results rolling in last week, I have also become incredibly sad for the tone our country has set towards minorities, the disabled, immigrants, and women. 2016 has been a rough year. Before returning to the 24 hour news cycle and listening to the helicopters circle relentlessly overhead, I took some time for self care. Mr. Made and I slept in, walked the dog, and ate breakfast by the lake. We talked about our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our country. Call me optimistic, but I truly believe that most Americans want the same great things that I do. 

I also took some time for sewing again. It was comforting to escape to the sewing world and see everyone's great projects on social media, and even more so to put my hands to work building something new. I have been working on my pants block, and have made two iterations that I hope to show off soon. 

Today I'm sharing a bit of an older project, BurdaStyle Retro Top 07/2013 #130. It's much like Grainline's Scout Tee that I've made and loved, but with bust darts for better shaping. I also tried a swayback adjustment at the back, but realized I didn't really need it for a loose fitting shirt like this. The result is some wonkiness at the back, which I hope to fix next time. I also lengthened the sleeves slightly, but I think they could be widened as well. 

This pictures is also a peak at the jeans/pants block I'm working on. They are the first draft, and still need a wedge taken out of center front, the back rise shortened a bit, and a knock-knee adjustment, but they're getting there!

Oh, and I did make Beatrix a Halloween costume this year. She was Amelia Earhart, with extra emphasis on the Ear! Mr. Made and I goofed around in his studio getting some nice shots. What a life saver she's been for all the stress. 

Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and doing more sewing than I am!

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  1. Please don't be disheartened. Try to listen to what your candidates really said.. and to what they were referring.
    HRC referred to Margaret Sanger and said she admired her courage, ideals, and vision. Think on vision for a moment. Doesn't this mean HRC declared she imagined/desired the same future as Sanger did? Margaret Sanger referred to darker skinned people as... (I'll let you look, its ugly.) HRC publicly stood for PP. Take a look at the videos shot by David Daleidon. No words added, nor taken away. Hear the words of PP staff...when they think no-one will hear. If you still aren't sure what PP is all about, please listen to Ben Shapiro explain what an abortion is. As he says, facts do not care about feelings.
    Please don't say that minorities are unwelcome. Hard-working people of any color, who don't want to behead or rape others are always welcome. I regret having to use that kind of terminology, but burying ones head in the sand is not helpful. I don't say this out of any sense of joy or satisfaction, but please go to and ignore the opinions. Just look at the numbers.. and you tell me, do you want devout readers of that book as your neighbors? For perspective, HRC wanted a 550% increase in Islamic immigration. Remember the San Bernadino shootings?
    Again, please don't be disheartened. Perhaps what happened just now, was supposed to happen.


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