Lingerie Sewing

Pattern: Self-drafted bralette and modified Ohhh Lulu's Grace Panties
Fabric: various stretch fabrics
Cost: $20

Maybe it's the holiday, maybe it's the anticipation of bathing suit sewing season, but I've suddenly got the urge to sew lingerie again. My lingerie notions drawer is overflowing with lacy fabrics that are just begging to be sewn. I probably need a proper bra, but first why not make some completely impractical beauties? Shown here is a self-drafted bralette I made some time last year along with high-waisted underwear I made up tonight. Not sure the fella will really dig the granny panties, but I love this bralette for under tanks and just feeling a bit sexy.

I drafted the bralette a while back. It is an extension of a RTW bralette from Madewell with pretty much all the seams removed. It has just one dart at the center of the bust, hidden under the lace in this case, and  center front seam. It's surprisingly effective in its simplicity - so easy to put together and with no extra bulkiness where it's not needed. Clearly it's not meant to be particularly supportive or shaping, but with the elastic right below the bust it does keep things in place.

The lace is just cut out and appliqu├ęd over the apex with a zig-zag stitch. It hides the dart nicely and covers up what matters. Instead of sewing the center seam, it's finished with fold over elastic and then attached at the top and bottom only. This produces a fun cut-out detail that adds some extra interest. The rest of the bra, straps included, is finished in fold over elastic. Overall a very easy bralette to make.

The underwear is the Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties, which I extended up 4.5 inches so they'd hit me at my natural waist - I'm very long-waisted(!). I'm headed to Vegas in May and considering making some bikini bottoms in a similar style to hang out by the pool, so this was an easy way to try the style out first. With the right top, I'm really digging it! I'm going fabric shopping this weekend and hoping to pick up something in a swimwear spandex to repeat the process.

I also have a lingerie tutorial up right now on the BERNINA We All Sew blog on how to apply lingerie elastic with a coverstitch. This is a technique I see in most of my RTW undies, and is very easy to apply - you just lay the elastic on top of the raw edge and stitch. You can also do this with a zig-zag stitch if you don't have a coverstitch. Check it out here.

I hope this lingerie sewing bug continues because I could really use some new undies in my stash!


  1. that bralette is so beautiful! i want one :)

  2. Love that bralette Meg, that lace is so effective!

  3. That bralette is perfect! I love the black and tan combination. I so wish I could get away with only wearing pieces like that!

  4. Wow - this combination looks amazing! It's got a great 30s vibe that is so good!


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