Jean Dress

Pattern: frankenpattern with Sewaholic's Granville Shirt
Fabric: 2 yds medium-lightweight denim
Cost: I honestly don't remember on this one!

I have had this dress on my sewing list for ages. But when I bought the fabric in the fall, the weather had already started to cool. Then last summer was a cold one. Finally, this summer's trip and a week at my mom's house before we left gave me the push I needed to sew this up. And it got a ton of wear!

I am an incessant pattern mixer, so this dress is a combination of the Granville top, a traced RTW dress, and sleeveless pattern from my stash. My mom looks at me like I'm crazy when I lay them all out on my fabric and start piecing things together. But I figure, why buy a new pattern when you have all the pieces you need?

The dress is shown here in beautiful Prague, with a view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle in the background. Truly an amazing city! The dress was a versatile travel piece because the denim didn't wrinkle as much after time in the suitcase, and it could be easily layered with the tops I brought. The day these pictures were taken it was HOT, but I also wore it frequently with striped tees underneath.

Here are the details:

The only thing I might do is flip the elastic casing down instead of up, as right now it sits just a tad too high.

We are finally back home and settled into our place, so I will have some new sewing to share soon! I've got an especially exciting project lined up that I hope to share shortly. 


  1. that dress is so cute, and perfect for travel.

  2. That dress looks so wearable and cute (and the setting is beautiful too!). Do you remember about how much you narrowed the shoulders? I love the Granville but the one time I made it sleeveless I ended up with bonkers shoulders.

    1. Thanks Lia! I used a sleeveless top pattern as a template for narrowing the shoulders and redrawing the armhole. That should save you the headache of having misshapen armholes if you don't use the sleeves.


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